It’s happening ladies! I have a date and location set for boudoir sessions on January 27,2019 here in St. Augustine. If I receive more requests, I’ll add another day after Valentine’s Day. 
Some may ask “why should I?” Let me tell you why; it’s the best gift you could give your significant other! I’ve been told by past clients that they saw tears, they saw blushing, and they saw total surprise. It’s not just for them; it’s for YOU. It’s for breaking down those barriers and being comfortable in our own skin…the skin we so often criticize and shame. 
Here’s the scoop:
Option 1:$275 for 30 minutes and that includes basic hair/makeup with @kristenjoy_artistry 
1 outfit and 10 images

Option 2: $375 for 45 minutes
2 outfits and 15 images 
Hair and makeup included $35 for a soft cover 5×5
$100 hardcover book 7×7