There is this PLACE where all the wildflowers grow and nobody knows:) I made that up but seriously, I visited the flower fields for the first time last year and how breathtaking they were. They only bloom about 2 weeks out of the year and this year, I’m shooting for the last week of April. It WAS a bit of a hidden gem but more and more people are finding out about it(as they should) so there are limited slots available for mini sessions this year. ¬†Depending, on how many sign up, I may add a few during the week. Here are a few things you must know:

1)It’s a drive:) so if you’re coming from St. Augustine, I’d plan for about a 45 minute to an hour drive. Email me for directions.


2)There tends to be a lot of photographers and people out there so we stake out a spot so we won’t have to roam too far and get in everybody’s shot. (I’m rhyming a lot today Ha!)


3) BE on TIME. I understand things come up and traffic happens and babies nap and children throw tantrums but try your best to be on time so we can respect those that are signed up for a time slot after you.


4) Have fun and remember, you’re in a wildflower field so there are ants and itchy plants but it’s all worth it for these gorgeous photos:) right?!

I will keep watch over when the fields are blooming but as for now, I’m booking for April ¬†28 and 29


$200 includes 10 high-res images and 30 minutes of shooting.

I will have morning and evening sessions available.


7:45,8:15 and 8:45




Weekday Sessions: $250

30 minutes and 10 high res downloads

6:45,7:15, and 7:45

Thank you so much!