Pumpkin Baby: Fall 2013

Happy Fall! Am I the only one that drowns myself in pumpkin spice lattes this time of year…I’ve located a PSL within a radius of 50 miles and drink them as much I can before they go out of season(they never go out of season in my book) Anywho, here’s a lovely picture of our 9 month old wearing a pumpkin hat made by the talented Denise Walker-Roberts AND pumpkin scooped out by none other than MOM:)(me)

One of my friends suggested I tell her that’s where babies come from if she ever asks..brilliant idea:)

I also tried submitting a picture to Ellen but I haven’t heard back yet…if you see my little pumpkin on Ellen before I do, let me know:) lol

I’m writing all of this to not only show off my beautiful child but also to show we now are offering studio portraits and hopefully in the future..doing a little fashion work:)
We hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween and be safe out there!

pumpkin baby


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