I’m Dawn!

I photograph the raw and real moments for adventure lovers and free-spirited families.
I am a free-spirited adventure seeker

Hey yo! I really do talk like this in person so I want you to envision it in reading. I don’t know if I should tell you about my degree in Biology or about my truck driving experience or my job as a flight attendant or the time I jumped out of a plane or a bridge. But all that to say, I do love a good adventure. I’m a wife to my soul mate, mother of 2 littles(I call them my bird and bear and you’ll see them all over Instagram), and a lover of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, superhero movies, astronomy, math AND hats. You don’t have to love all of those things but if you do, just know, I’m on your side. I know we always see people write things like “I love Jesus, coffee and Netflix” but I want to go even further with it and say that I genuinely love my heavenly Father. It’s not something I force on anyone but just know He is the anchor and compass to my life. I also do love coffee a little too much and wheat beer(not too much, but I’ll never deny one.) My little family is based in the St. Augustine, FL area but I’m a Georgia girl hailing from the Columbus/ATL area. 

Friends, if you’re stopping by and searching for the right fit for your wedding day or family session, I can help you with that.

I love getting to know people on a personal level and learning more about what makes you tick.
With that, I feel like I’m able to capture your story in the best of ways with my eyes only.


live in truth with reverence

As a creative, I focus on listening more than advice-giving, to make sure that your story is heard, so I can represent it truthfully in the work we do together.


caring for people

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” – St. Augustine


I wake up and thank Him for the day that I have.

To understand one’s calling and to use our spiritual gifts to help others is the greatest contribution we can make to our families, our communities and our world.




You’re my people if you like to have fun! That means I couldn't care less of the order of events as long as you’re laughing and enjoying each other. I understand we all need a timeline but girl, if you want pie, instead of a cake, go for it! Have a first look with a friend or hey, how about a first look between your groom and his mom? If it’s raining and you hired me to get those natural light photos, don’t be afraid to get your dress a little dirty.