I found myself asking this the other day.

Why do I do what I do?

There are times, no matter what your craft is, you just need to sit back and ask yourself, “Are you on the right path?” , “Why do you do what you do?” , “Does it make you happy?”, “Do you feel like your making a difference?”

At first, I really had no clue how to answer my own question. To make it worse, when you go and stalk other artists and look at HOW they do things and all of their carefully formulated answers, it makes me even more paranoid and confused.

I want you to see me for who I am….I want you to see more of my life so you can be comfortable knowing that I understand.

Why do I do what I do?

It was like a lightbulb went off Saturday afternoon and I realized as cliche as it sounds.


Let me explain….

I understand…see, when I say I understand. I understand arguing with a husband, having a bad day, trying to talk on the phone when a toddler is pulling at your leg, trying to eat your food when a baby is dipping her finger into your ice cream(no one touches my ice cream),attempting to make a baby smile while jumping around like a fool while the child is just not going to budge from that sourpuss face. I get it.

I understand wedding days. I understand when family members get involved and start barking orders, I understand when things gets rushed and you just want to enjoy your day, I understand arguments, disagreements, stress. ALL OF IT

BUT..here’s the beauty of it all.

I get to look for those moments in between all of the unlovely.

It’s a higher love…Love has many forms but it’s an unexplainable love that forgives all, heals all, and endures all.

Just when a child has a tantrum and mom desperately tries to make him laugh by tickling him. I capture that and a year..2 years…down the road. That pictures shows the laughter between a mother and child. They may remember that crazy, messy day BUT I captured the bond of love between them.

It’s all about commitment.


I love capturing love in it’s purest form.

The more I asked myself the question, I also came up with another answer.

I want my daughter to see that I have passions and I pursue them. I want her to know that she is MY PRIORITY, but that mom has dreams, goals and passions too. I want her to know that I went after something and kept trying…never gave up.

So, all this to say, I want you to know why I like taking YOUR PICTURES.

I like finding love in your relationships. I like searching for it in that little touch of the hand or that kiss on the cheek. I like getting to know you and genuinely love hearing your stories. Sometimes, I feel like I’m composing something in my head when I’m photographing…it’s my own orchestra but it’s beautiful when it comes together:)